Short Story America

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Writing

Writers, do you have an old short story lying around? Maybe you’ve never found a place to publish it to, or maybe you did but it didn’t get published. Or perhaps you did get it published, but maybe you’d like to do more with it. Or, perhaps you’ve written a story for Clever Fiction or some similar website, and wish you could do more with it, as it counts as previously published work. If any of the above apply to you, read on, because I can help with that.

If you recall, a couple of months back I picked up the 2012 edition of the Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market, by Writer’s Digest. I searched for publications that looked promising to me as a writer. One of the publications that I found was Short Story America.

Short Story America

Short Story America is not just an ordinary website that publishes short stories. They are on a mission to revive the short story’s “widely-read status this great literary art form enjoyed in its heyday prior to electronic entertainment.” Therefore, they not only publish works from multiple genres, but they also accept work that has been previously published.

Not only that, but if they publish your work, you are paid:
1. $100.00 ($50 for flash fiction.)
2. 15% of all sales of your short story, as they put up a PDF version of it for sale on the website. (You can also read it for free on their website.)
3. 15% of all sales if they put it into an audio format.

Short Story America may also put your story into an anthology; if they do you also get 15%, “after editing, typesetting, manufacturing, shipping, storage and marketing expenses.”  So, all in all, not a bad deal for an old short story you may have lying around.

Now, in the interest of transparency, I have not been paid by Short Story America to write this post. I had submitted a short story to them back in June, but I had not heard anything back from them yet. (It has been less than 90 days, which is the waiting period before I can contact them about my story. Which I’m okay with, if SSA happens to be reading this post. Also there are only two readers at SSA.) I simply think that Short Story America is a valuable resource for writers, especially if they want to see their old work circulate again.

If this post has caught your interest and you want to submit your work to Short Story America, click here to submit your work to them. Click here to learn more about them and why they do what they do.

Veritas ex fabulatis,

-Scott Howard Phillips


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