A new step into the writing world

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Writing

Dear Scott Phillips,

Thanks for your interest in The Writer 2012 Short-Story Contest. We’ve received the entry listed below and it has been forwarded to our judges.

– A Long Way From Home

Contest winners will be notified by e-mail on or around August 15, 2012. An e-mail announcing the winners will be sent to everyone who entered the contest two weeks thereafter. If you use a spam filter, please add write.org to your approved senders list to ensure that you receive these updates.

If your e-mail address changes before then, please forward your name and current e-mail address, along with the new e-mail address, to office@write.org.

As co-sponsors of the competition, we thank you for participating in The Writer 2012 Short-Story Contest.


Gotham Writers Workshop, and The Writer magazine

Well, it is done. I have officially taken my first step into the world of short story contests and sent in the second version of A Long Way From Home.

In order to enter this into the contest, I have changed events in the story and added more writing. The names are changed, the ending is completely different, and I have added some more writing exploring The Traveler’s past. So what you see on CleverFiction.com is not the same as what I sent in, and is hopefully better than that story. Some of the things I wrote in what is now called the “rough draft” are still in the story I sent in for The Writer 2012 Short-Story Contest. However, I feel that the story is different enough to be considered a different story, and should still count for the contest.

Now, that said, it’s still a million-to-one odds that I even get third place in the contest, but the entry fee was $10, so it was worth at least trying. If this doesn’t work, then it is no big deal. If my story gets rejected because the judges feel it is too similar to the story on CleverFiction.com (should they find it) then that isn’t a big deal either; I will understand why they would have done it. It will also be a learning experience and will guide me to what I will do with CleverFiction.com prompts in the future.

Speaking of which, this is my plan for what I will do with that from now on. I will no longer publish stories to CleverFiction (unless they’re going to put it in an anthology.) Instead, I will use the prompts to write short stories and send them out for publication in magazines and contests. This way, my work can still get out there, and I can still get published and paid (hopefully.)

Well, that’s enough for tonight. I have to go get a shower and go to bed; I have a long day tomorrow, with tests and essay writing that needs to be done. Fun stuff. #notreally. I’ll give you an update on that tomor– well, later today, actually. Unless I get delayed, and then it will be tomorrow.

Anyway, good night, friends.



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