Reviews are done!

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Writing

That’s right; my reviews for Hope Underground and Code of Silence have been completed and sent off to Dr. Hensley. Hope Underground was done for about 5 days now, but I wanted to send both of them off together. So, look out for that in the coming days. I’ll comment more on each book when the reviews come out.

And speaking of reviews, my review of Man Alive is now out in Church Libraries magazine! You can view it in the Portfolio section of my website; just click on the “Spring 2012 edition” part. I asked Dr. Hensley if it was okay if I could share it on my website, and he said yes, providing I properly attributed it. Also, while you’re at it, visit the Church Libraries website (again, you can view it in the Portfolio section, just click on the “Church Libraries” part.)

Finally, I’ve decided to do something I haven’t done in a while, and that is getting back into short story writing! It’s been far too long since I’ve sat down and wrote a short story, so it’s going to be a bit rusty writing it. Still, it should be fun; I love doing it, it’s just I haven’t sat down and actually wrote it.

So, for this short story I’m going to be doing the Clever Fiction Weekly Challenge. For this challenge, I have to write a 250-1500 word story based on the cover & title “A Long Way From Home.” When I do write short stories, they’re usually pretty long (around 2000 words) so it’ll be interesting to cut it down to 1500.

There’s also another reason I’m doing this; for my Professional Writing class this Wednesday I have to bring in a 3-page, double-spaced sample of my writing, because we’re going to be taught how to become self editors. Now, I could just bring in a sample of something I’ve already written (such as a review or a paper) but that would be boring. This way, it gives me a good encouragement to write again, and then maybe I can keep up the momentum in writing short stories.

So, we’ll see how this goes. But I’ll definitely work on this, and it will be available on Clever Fiction shortly for you to read. 🙂



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